Anna Paghera

Anna Paghera

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Collections of Personal and Home Fragrances

…And my father, my first teacher, who taught me that by tasting a tree, its flavour would be yours forever…

“A way to fixate in the memory its essence, to recognise it amongst a thousand with eyes shut: perfume, flavour, bark texture, leaves and petals. An olfactory vocabulary formed on the teaching of a great school: nature. At my full disposal I had hectares of land cultivated with all sorts of plants and shrubs. I could assist to any of their vegetating cycles, recognise their winter bark as well as spring sprouts and then their evolution into leaves, flowers and fruit. A life cycle that translated into scents and different perfumes depending on the season.

Olfactory memory is where I drew out of to give life to a line of ambience perfumes inspired by what I have lived, breathed, learnt ever since I was a child. Exclusive collections of perfumes formulated as potions to improve the mood and positively influence the ambience and the emotional and olfactory spheres of the self. Each fragrance tells a story”.

Usage Precautions: distribute with no moderation.

Contraindications: the content may generate side-effects only on subjects lacking in sense of humour or generally allergic to irony. Before using, take a good look in the mirror, forget about yourself and fill up with yourself.