Björk & Berries



Björk & Berries is an organic skincare- and perfume brand with origins from the Swedish nature, culture and lifestyle. Our journey began with natural perfume derived from hand- picked birch leaves. Today we can o er a range of products within scent, face- and body care. Our secret lies in our skincare experts nding inspiration from the mysticism and old remedies of the Swedish forests and transforming natural ingredients such as birch, witch hazel and white clay into e ective ecoluxury products.

We want everyone that uses our products to feel and experience the uniqueness about the Swedish nature and discovering the extra in the simple, minimalistic Scandinavian. This is why our products consists of a minimal amount of ingredients with as natural and organic origin as possible without comprimising on the effect. All our products are produced according to our Ecoluxury criteria*.


We want to simplify your everyday skincare routine and thus work with a ’pick n- choose’ concept that is created for you to combine products into a routine that suits your skin type, lifestyle and needs right now. We want you to put less time on other peoples musts and more on your needs.


Entire range of products is inspired by the four Nordic seasons and how tearing they are on our skin and bodies. Where our face- and body care focuses on results with active ingredients our scent range adds the mood. Our house scents Fjällsjö, White Forest, Never Spring, Botanist and Solstice all have a connection to one of the four Swedish seasons.
Björk & Berries is proud to live in symbiosis with nature and being part of spreading the Swedish natures beauty secrets out into the world and the future.

“In Sweden we want it all, and we want it to be simple and no fuss – for skincare that means organic, natural and effective. If it looks good; that’s a nice bonus.”


Fjällsjö means mountain lake. A fresh scent of cold water and soapy skin with notes of clean cotton and deep musk.


White Forest is inspired by the mysterious birch [björk] forests up in the far north of Sweden – a sensual and melodramatic scent of wood and fresh air.


Dark Rain is inspired by the first heavy fall rain caressing the summer warm asfalt creating steam in the dark fall night – a sensual, earthy and wet scent of wood, citrus, ginger and amber.


Never Spring is inspired by the longing for spring and the first flower buds pushing up through the last snow – a crisp and so scent of birch, lemon and cedar wood.


Botanist is inspired by the meeting of a wild overgrown botanical garden and the deep dark forest in the south of Sweden – a masculine contemporary scent of vetiver, patchouli, birch and green apples.


An active and moisturising skin care line that uses carefully selected ingredients from the Swedish nature, with organic beech and birch extract which contributes to cell renewal, hydration and radiance of a dehydrated dry skin. The Scandinavian way of beauty is to keep a natural, healthy and flawless skin.

*All products are produced according to our Ecoluxury criteria: Natural ingredients 90-100 %
• Certifed organic ingredients up to 75 %
• Minimal amount of ingredients that deliver maximum effect
• No parabens, mineral oils, PEG, SLS/SLES or silicones
• Cruelty Free
• Vegan