La Bouche Rouge

The first French clean beauty Maison.

The first makeup line proposing pure formulas in entirely re-fillable and recyclable cases.

The Manifesto Reasoned Beauty
Today, true luxury implies sustainable objects and formulas.

Producing and consuming in a sustainable manner is no longer solely urgent, it’s now also vital. La Bouche Rouge intends to lead the way in reinventing everyday objects, guiding women to consume differently and think in a new manner.

Without greenwashing, La Bouche Rouge chose to avoid all use of plastics, even those recycled.

The mix of eco-sustainability, French craftsmanship, cutting edge technology in formulations and immense elegance is the magic recipe of this exquisite brand.

The collection features a lip range, as well as face and eyes, including lipsticks, pencils, mascara, a highlighter, bronzers, eyeshadows, an eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and a styling gel all topped by top of the line brushes.

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