To capture the curative magic of Budapest’s healing waters in skincare and, in so doing, create a world where you can live beautifully!

Healing Waters | pure, active, mineral-rich thermal water
Lineage | a family story that begins over 200 years ago
Budapest | the home and source of our key ingredients
Healing ConcentrateTM | patented technology
Clean Luxury | premium positioning yet no nasties

The Omorovicza journey began over 2,000 years ago, when the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters were discovered and the first thermal baths were built.
The secret to why Hungarian thermal waters have such remarkable healing properties lies in the unique geological features of the region. Here the earth’s crust is thinner, so waters absorb beneficial minerals more effectively as they journey to the surface.
Empirical observations of miraculous healing led to the building of more than 1,000 thermal baths in Hungary.
Budapest has more thermal water springs than any other city in the world. In 1934 it was officially named the “International Spa City”.

SPA: Sanitas Per Aquam

Health Through Water

In the 1800’s, Stephen’s family built a beautiful thermal bath, the Rácz Fürdő, on the site of an Ottoman bath, itself erected in the 1560’s on top of a medieval healing spring famous for its curative properties.

The Founders
At the turn of the millennium Stephen was living in Budapest when he first met US diplomat Margaret, Chief of Staff at the US Embassy in Hungary.
He took Margaret to the baths his family built. She was amazed by the effects of the healing waters on her skin.

He extolled the skin benefits of the healing waters so convincingly that Stephen and Margaret embarked on a quest to harness their curative power.

Science that matters…
The Omorovicza story has many layers and it evolved over time but Stephen and Margaret’s decision to create skin care that replicates the effects of the healing waters can be traced to a meeting they had with the head of a Hungarian Laboratory of dermatology famous for its Nobel prize winning discovery of vitamin C.

Patented Technology:
The Healing Concentrate TM
Much is already understood about the beneficial effects of thermal waters on bathers due to the messaging of minerals “sticking” to the skin in the baths.
Less well known is the fact that they do not absorb into the skin — they are not “bio-available”.
In order to replicate the healing and revitalising effects of the thermal waters on the skin, Stephen and Margaret worked with the Nobel prize winning laboratory of dermatology to develop and patent a Healing ConcentrateTM which delivers minerals deep into the epidermis.
In the course of a lengthy bio-fermentation process, called Hydro Mineral TransferenceTM, the beneficial minerals in the healing waters evolve into bio-available compounds. In turn, those complex compounds are encapsulated in phospholipids to ensure the absorption of the minerals deeper into the epidermis.
The results are nothing short of extraordinary: firmer, suppler and younger looking skin.
This break-through enabled them to launch Omorovicza Cosmetics in 2006.

Ingredient Philosophy – Clean Luxury
Stephen and Margaret believe that the future of beauty does not include harmful, unnecessary synthetic ingredients, which are occlusive and prevent the skin from breathing. Therefore, Omorovicza has a zero-nasties policy: all products exclude such ingredients.
They also believe that future beauty will harness the power of ancient and magical natural phenomena through ever accelerating scientific progress.