POPme is a young project that deals with the import-export of PPE and DM.

The face masks comply with current regulations and are aimed at the safety of adults and children, both in work and school environments, and during the everyday life. 

POPme offers the chance to make face coverings less boring. People can’t see your smile, but you can wear our colorful masks to express yourself to the fullest!

The face masks are made of non-woven fabric and they are equipped with soft spandex elastic bands and an aluminum nose clip. The products are available in a range of beautiful colors and patterns, both in adult and kid sizes.

The zip locked bag holding 5 pcs mask that can be used to carry your masks with no risk of contamination.


Disposable surgical face masks for adult:

– disposable
– medical device
– NON sterile
– size: 175×95 mm
– colors: white (Mod: WXDKZ0001), light blue (Mod: WXDKZ0006)

– CE masked medical device pursuant to the 2017/745 / EU MDR regulation
– Class I medical device pursuant to Rule I type IIR (Annex VIII MDR regulation 2017/745 / EU)
– Manufacturer: Wanxinda (Guangzhou) Technology Product Co.,Ltd
– European representative: Lotus NL B.V. Netherlands
– Device tested in accordance with TYPE IIR EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 e EN ISO 10993

Disposable surgical face masks for kids:

– disposable
– medical device
– NON sterile
– size: 140×95 mm
– filtering: >/=95%
– colors: light blue (Mod: WXDKZ0012)

Disposable face masks (NON medical):

– disposable
– NON medical
– NON sterile
– adult size: 175×95 mm
– junior size: 140×95 mm
– adult colors: lime, bubblegum pink, face powder, blue navy, grey, black, camo pattern, rainbow pattern
– junior colors: camo pattern, rainbow pattern, dino pattern, princess pattern
– adult: executive standard T/CTCA 7-2019
– junior: executive standard T/GDMDMA0005-2020
– adult model: KZ20200801
– junior model: WXDKZ0012
– manufacturer: Wanxinda (Guangzhou) Technology Product Co., Ltd