Seventy-One Percent Suncare

Designed by surfers, created for everyone

SeventyOne Percent is a French brand created by two surfer friends in 2010 between the towns of Hossegor and Biarritz.

The name derives from the fact that as for the earth, the human body is also composed of 70% (seventy) of water. What gives the name the word “one” is the fact that 1% of the company’s annual turnover is donated to associations, chosen by the company, recognized in their commitment to preserve the future of the planet.

“We are passionate surfers of nature and sensations and we want to meet the expectations of all lovers of the sun, the ocean and nature.
We have created a range of innovative sunscreens that not only protect and care for all skin types, but also respect our fantastic playground: nature.”

SeventyOne Percent offers a universal cosmetic solution for the whole family based on natural and basic needs such as those of the Planet: protection and hydration.

These simple and essential products satisfy every need, at any time of the year on the beach or in the city. Every skin needs adequate protection and for Seventy-One the pleasure is technical.

The brand’s approach to eco-sustainability and the protection of marine environments is fundamental.
All formulas are “clean”, cruel free with percentages of natural ingredients between 80 and 100%.

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